Mineral Water Filling Machineries


1. Automatic Rinsing Unit

Salient Features:

  • Automatic 6 head rotary type rinsing unit

  • Machine is made out of S.S square pipe and S.S 304 clamed covers.

  • S.S jet with platform for bottle resting / required contact parts are made from S.S 316.

  • Pump required for jetting is also S.S material automatic bottle rinsing by 6 head rotary system.

  • Bottle clamping HMW made, star wheel made from HMW material, help for perfect griping of bottles.

2. Automatic Bottle water filling unit

Salient features:

  • Full machine is made out of M.S fabrication and S.S 304 cladding.

  • Machine is rotary 12 head gravity filling, indexing type mechanical system.

  • For feeding the bottle toward rinsing filling and capping a common 8” long S.S slate 3 1/4” width conveyor is provided which is synchronized with mono-block machine. (filling and capping)

  • Water filling by gravity filling system, as there is no pressure for filling the bottles.

  • All contact parts will be made from S.S 316 & required rubber parts from food grade rubber and Teflon’s.

  • Accurate filling system with all S.S 304 spring loaded fitting heads.

  • Heavy duty frame works for sturdy operation.

  • Individual, rinsing and filling system is provided for better work efficiency.

3. Automatic capping Machine

Salient features:

  • 1/2 Head operation for fast ad perfect capping.

  • Automatic shutter for cap feeding in capping heads.

  • All contact parts are made from harden, hard chrome plated & S.S material.

  • Heavy duty stand made from M.S. & S.S 304 clamed for sturdy operation.

  • Automatic synchronized with rinsing & filling unit.

4. Shrink Wrapping Tunnel for Label and cap wrapping

Salient Features:

  • Specially designed S.S Tubular finned heaters for minimum power consumption and maximum heat transfer.

  • Heavy duty turbo blower for effective and efficient hot air circulation

  • A class insulation provided with glass wool and asbestos/calcium silicate sheet for machine panel and silicon tubing for conveyor roads.

  • Full heavy duty power coated tunnel covers and electric panel board.

  • Auto digital temperature control, M.C.B with powder coated control panel box.